Extremes :: Stairs? Oh.

Look at that guy. Parkour’n it up. You what makes me think about this picture? He’s jumping over the stairs. And I realize, maybe he’s doing it to look cool. But that isn’t how I think of it. I see him launching up over that wall, slamming down on the cement, looking around, and saying.
“Stairs? Oh.”

I’m into extremes. For example, I enjoy writing the really exciting parts of my current work in progress, Tempest. Like chase scenes, or battles. But when I get to the “Tempest went fishing in the sunlight” kind of bits- those are the the ones that really get me. That’s where I have to really buckle down and write.

Though this may not be good for my writing, (Dee-strac-shee-own. :-) ) it’s how I want to live my life. There’s an easy route. A staircase. Or, you can jump. And for just a second, you’ll be airborne.


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