Music on my Mind :: A Mental Radio

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To musicians, I’m a percussionist. To the average joe, I hit things, and call the noises they make “music.” To a doctor, I’m deranged, and to The Doctorwell, I hear the drums. :-) All this is to say: the music in my mind won’t be leaving anytime soon. So I want to share it with you.

#1 on my Mental Playlist: “Down” by Jason Walker. I’ve been singing this one since Sunday, and realized just yesterday that I didn’t know what it was called. Google gave me “Down.” I gave Google a hug.

#2: “Doctor Worm” cover by Relient K. Tasty vocals? Check. Awesome electric guitar solo? Check. Makes Sense? Umm… This one’s gotta’ be the best song about a drum-playing worm that I’ve ever heard.

#3: “Mausam and Escape” by A.R. Rahman. Thirty seconds of twing… twing-ga-ding… and then boom-chicka-pah-chicka-chicka-chicka-PAH! :-D I love this song. Showed it to a friend before a sleepover, and he listened to it until 4 AM.

And I’m afraid that’s all for now, folks! *suave radio guy voice* So sit back, relax, and enjoy the music.
(What’s playin’ inside your noggin?)


2 thoughts on “Music on my Mind :: A Mental Radio

  1. *notes the Doctor Who reference* Now I’ve got it stuck in my head. ;)

    I hear the Doctor Who theme, actually…that, and a dozen other soundtracks. LotR, Narnia, PotC, etc.

  2. The littlest worm (echo)
    I ever saw (echo)
    got stuck inside (echo)
    my soda straw! (echo)
    But do not fret
    and do not fear
    the littlest worm
    had scuba gear!
    I was helping at a kid’s camp last week so these are the kind of songs in my head! >.> haha

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