A Black and White Photo :: Why is there Hate?

Big title to work with, huh? “Why is There Hate?” I’ve been thinking about this subject for quite some time now (a week at minimum,) and the answer came to me through a message by a man named Dana Coyle. Pastor Coyle’s message was on God’s Wrath, and about half way through his sermon, something he said really struck me.

“God’s wrath is a beautiful contrast to His undying love for us, the filthiest of sinners. [When we are saved,] our mouths will no longer hang open at His wrath, but at His love.” -Dana Coyle

Further delving into the subject, he made the statement,

“Many churches today are patterning themselves after Barney the Purple Dinosaur rather than the God we follow.”

Which made me think, Really? and then, Yeah, I guess. and then, like this guy?!

Yikes. Who wants to be part of a religion that’s patterned after him? Not me, that’s for sure.

God’s love is powerful, not childish. But what would God’s love be without his wrath? Think about it. It would be Barney love. I love you, you love me, and you love her, and I love him- everybody loves each other! Yay! You know what I say to that? Blech.

Take a look at this picture. (Courtesy of Rachel Martin.)

Samuel Martin. Beautiful kiddo, beautiful shot. But what makes it a beautiful shot? The contrast. Wanna’ see it without contrast?
Here you go.


Plain old white. Boooriiing. :-D Do you understand the point I’m trying to make, though? The Dark just makes the Light more beautiful.

When Satan introduced sin to this Earth, he made one mistake: he did not realize that God’s love would be made all the more evident by His wrath; that His light would shine brighter in the darkness, and that those who were oppressed would search for relief. For a lantern shines even brighter in the night than it does in the day, Amen?


6 thoughts on “A Black and White Photo :: Why is there Hate?

  1. Yah. Without contrast, black or white. Hay. Here is how my brain works. At Ace Hardware, Walmart, wherever, you can buy a $1 battery operated device that obliterates darkeness – A FLASHLIGHT! Switch it on, and darkeness is gone. Still, to date, I’m unaware of an equivalent device on earth (this excluded magnetic fields so strong we cannot see light). For any amount of money I cannot buy a device that will obliterate or cancel light.

    There is no “flashdark” device. Switch it on, no matter how much darkness there is, there is light. This imagery is what pops in my head every time the bible talks about light having power over darkness, God having power over Satan, walking in the light, being a light, … Switch it on. Darkness is displaced. mmmmmmm.

    It’s like cookies vs. non-cookies. A non-cookie cannot win over a cookie, and a cookie wins in the absence of a cookie.

  2. Seth, I am a fan of your father’s writings. I am now a fan of yours as well. I encourage you continue to develop your considerable talent. I am nearly sixty years old, I have been a born again Christian for more than fifty of those years. Your thoughts are valid and well presented. I got a blessing from reading your thoughts.

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