Tom and Gwen’s Cabin :: Photo Dump

This past couple days were spent at my Great Aunt and Uncle’s lake home, in Grand Rapids. I need somewhere to dump all the pictures, so here goes. :-D

Skiff sign. ‘Nuff said.

The cabin, from the driveway.

Much of my (late) Great-Grandfather’s work graces the home. The stone and the wooden pedestal were both done by him. Tom and Gwen were big on cool artwork. (Which means cool picture opportunities for me. :-))

See above. :-D

Supper the first night- Bear Stew. (They only told me afterward that there wasn’t any bear in it. Bah…)

Photo titled “Raspberry Patriot.” You can tell I’m a big fan of blueberries.

Beautiful lights, too. Very cabinesque.

More lights. WOW.

Feels like Seuss. :-)

All the Grand’s and Greats. Love these people. :-)

Storytime with Grandpa Lee. (I believe this one was about Norse Goblins…)

And my personal fave: “Bigeyed Joshee, Bigmouth Bass.” :-D

So there it is! A great trip, summed up in photos. What was the last family vacation you took?

(Just so you all know, I’m off of my computer for the month of June, as a result of a family break from electronics. See you all in a month!)


One thought on “Tom and Gwen’s Cabin :: Photo Dump

  1. Lovely house!! …Man, you have GOT to convince my family to do that. I get sick of electronics sometimes. On the other hand, I am a bit bummed I don’t get to read any posts for a whole month. -.- But who can blame you. =p Enjoy your summer.

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