Gimme’ a Hand? :: Ah, Technology

Hey guys! I need a hand. See, I wrote this book review. It’s a review of “Start Here” by Alex and Brett Harris. It’s several paragraphs long. It’s stinkin’ awesome, (in my humble opinion,) but that’s beside the point. The point is, would you be willing to read and rank it? Waterbrook Multnomah, the company that gives me books to review, has a competition each month. They give away something (or another,) and to win something (or another,) you need to get more review rankings than any of the other competitors. This month, they are giving away a Toshiba Netbook laptop computer. This makes me… mildly excited. (In layman’s terms: AUGH! WOOT WOOT! *flip out session commences*)

I would truly appreciate it if you would you would take two minutes to READ and RANK my book review. It would look so nice on a shiny new laptop. :-) Here’s the link. >

P.S. The authors liked the review too!

“Read and rank @sjskogerboe‘s great review of Start Here and help him win best review of the month!” –@therebelution, A.K.A. Alex and Brett Harris


2 thoughts on “Gimme’ a Hand? :: Ah, Technology

  1. Wow, Alex and Brett Harris liked your review enough they tweeted for everyone to rate it?! That’s amazing! Good luck with winning that Netbook! That really was a stinkin’ awesome review, and you deserve to win best reviewer :D
    -Sincerely, one of your Shelfari friends

  2. Seth,
    Wow! Your review was amazing! It sounded like this was exactly what I needed to give my faith a little jumpstart, so to speak! I know what it is like to have a hectic family! Thank you for the advice of morning prayers, I will be sure to use this tool more often. I sincerely hope you win the award of best reviewer! The laptop sounds incredibly osm. (new spelling for awesome) :-)

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