Jaw on the Floor :: Wonder

Two good friends of mine, Hannah Martin and Abigail Kraft do a collaboration every couple of weeks, where they both choose a word (this week’s word was “Wonder”) and post separate pictures that they think do the word justice. Cool concept, right? This week, when I saw that the word was “Wonder”, I had to join. The picture I’ve got just fit too perfectly. :-)

To steal a quote from Hannah’s post,

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’” -George Bernard Shaw

So true. When I see Levi looking up at that cloud, I can almost hear him thinking, “Chicken nuggets. No, no… eggs! Or maybe mountains. Hmm.”

What I would do to sit among the clouds. I think that God made things like clouds, and storms, and kids, just so that we would go, “WOW.” Raindrops spatter against the ground, and the thunder roars. Trees stand tall, branching in all directions, and flowers bloom with vibrant colors. And we just stand with our jaw hanging open.

(What makes you say “WOW”?)


4 thoughts on “Jaw on the Floor :: Wonder

  1. WOW! Those clouds are definitely awe-inspiring! You’re absolutely right…I’m sure God put certain things on this earth just to make us stop and say, “Wow!” I’ve been thinking about that lately, as we’ve been experiencing insanely powerful winds in our area. Granted, my initial response to wind is one of agitation…but when I stop and think about it–let it overwhelm me–I can feel the power of the Almighty in those gusts. In those moments, the only thing I can do is experience the wonder of Him. :)

    Thanks for sharing! Really awesome photo. :)

  2. I actually said “wow” three times before I even read what you wrote in this post :)) And yes, even before reading the title, my jaw was on the floor :))

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