“It’s just this creepy thing we do…”

Examine, Image #1.

Image #1, Exhibit A: Bunny with Head.

Image #1, Exhibit B: Bunny with No Head.

And this leads me to this conclusion: Don’t you just love traditions?

Let’s back up a couple of steps… actually, let’s turn around and take a jog. Beginnings are meant to begin at the beginning, so that is where I’ll begin. *Ahem*

My Dad (Check out his blog. He’s Brillian’. Like, briallian’ enough to warrant a Bri’ish accent. THA’ Kin’a brillian’.) has this tradition. In his opinion, (and my own,) one must bite the head off a peep and spit it out* to truly begin spring. It’s this creepy thing we do. I thought you should know, so you could join in the disturbing fun. So find yourself a mallow, and decapitate away!

*Note: It makes it extra special if you spit it out the window of a moving car. See in the bottom of the above picture? That thing that looks like a dashboard? Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. Oh, and see if you can land it in some one’s yard.

P.S. Does human illness effect computer speech? If so, I godda’ code. My node is stuvved, and I godda’ head-ag. UUuUuugh.


3 thoughts on ““It’s just this creepy thing we do…”

  1. I dost agree with my cousin.
    Sorry about the cold… guess we should have saved that dip in the lake for a warmer month? My care package is on the way…

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