Swummed :: A Dramatic Report

Tonight, for your entertainment… three cold boys, 20+ MPH Winds,and a boring narrative made to sound interesting…


The morning of, 4/16/11. It was a Saturday. Snow was still on the ground from the night before.

And three young boys had a craving for a swim.

“Insane,” you may say. They would probably agree. On the drive to the beach, all they could think was, “COLD.” That, and “FUN!”

The expression of excitement still lingered on their faces. When they stepped out of the car into the freezing wind, it was joined by another: Fear.

Oh, it was masked. They held it deep inside them. But it was there. And they blew it off. Dashing for the water they dove…

C-c-c-c-c-c-cold! Legs went numb; feet were stiff. They flew from the pool to wrap themselves in towels. Once dry, they leapt from the warm embrace of their heated car. Back into the wind for one final picture.*

*Note the crazed look on the middle child, Levi. He hasn’t been normal since. But the question is… was he ever?

(Here’s the video, for those of you who wish to see us freeze. Enjoy. At least, you will.)

first beach day :: april 16, 2011 from Joshua Skogerboe on Vimeo.


One thought on “Swummed :: A Dramatic Report

  1. =D Awesome! I totally would have done that…I have to say I have been in a stormy ocean before and it was cold, but not that cold! Someone invite me next time. =p

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