Snow :: Despicable Him

I realize that you may be getting sick of snow posts at this point. But, hey, We get a LOT of it.

Today, I got hit in the back of the head with a snow flake. When I woke up, I examined the large bump on the back of my cranium, and ran for cover. Seriously though, the snow flakes we’ve got today are Huge. Not wound-inflicting huge, I admit, but they WERE the size of quarters. The forest that we’ve got by our house looks very Narnian today.

Other than that, I just had to mention, today I watched Despicable Me. It was very funny, and my two favorite characters were

#1 Agnes

She’s so funny I’m gonna’ DIE!!!

#2 Vector

You done been shrunk!

Great movie, you gotta’ see it.


One thought on “Snow :: Despicable Him

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