Levi Skogerboe (AKA: Beeves)

Today, I went sledding on a giant hill, ate chocolate cake, and watched the opening of presents. Yep, birthday. But not mine.

HERE is the birthday boy.

Today, Levi, you turned 7. You went sledding with your buddies, opened presents, and chowed on cheese-balls. You played your Narnia game, skated on your new Ripstik(not lip-stick!), and bought new skates. You also shot me approximately 34 times with your electric Nerf gun. (You’re going down, man. Sleep with one eye open.)

Happy Birthday, Bud! (One. Eye. Open.)


(During this party, I managed to pick up on some interesting conversations. Here’s one that struck me as particularly funny. :D)

Kid on the Hill (KOTH): I’m into extreme sports.

Me: Yeah? Like Skydiving? Base-jumping, maybe?

KOTH: Yeah, man, Base-jumping. My last jump was off the Eiffel Tower.

Me: Really?

KOTH: Yeah, it’s the¬†adrenaline that keeps me going.

Me: Sweet.

All this, coming from a ten year old dude? I’m expecting great things from him in the future.


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