Uh, yeah, Everything :: Happy Christmas! (Merry New Year?)

As my title indicates, I haven’t written on this blog for a considerable amount of time. This is, quite honestly, a mad dash to get you up to speed. [read last quote] Like cramming the night before a test after two weeks of break. (…hypothetically…)

Christmas was unbelievable. I thought about not bragging about my presents, and then I laughed and continued writing.

Here’s some Awesome Stuff I got.

1. A Carved Wooden Writing Desk. (It has, like, leaves and lions carved on the sides. Leaves and Lions. I am in Awe.)

2. A super high tech clock (I need something loud to wake me up, or else… I am in deep weeds.)

3. A Ping-Pong table from my Uncle. (Woo-Hoo! I feel like an advanced gamer just having it in my basement.)

4. An I-Pod Shuffle. (It’s my first I-Pod!!! I need musical suggestions! Tell me your Favorite favorites!)

5. 15+ books from a family who KNOWS me. :D (Can not WAIT to read them all. I read that some people have now developed the ability to read up to three books at on time. Still Researching…)

Take a look at THESE babies…

These, my friends, are Aebleskiver. Basically, pancake balls that are garnished with happiness and joy. My littlest brother Ezra, (this guy)

Was two-fisting them down his throat. Ha had 5. His stomach is the size of 4.

Suffice to say, they were fantabulous, topped off with apple sauce, cherries and whipped cream, and raspberry jelly. And we had berry Sparkle Juice.

And then we went up to Bemidji, MN, where we had the time of our lives eating, sledding, reading, sledding, and sledding. We got to see multiple family members that we hadn’t seen in a while, and we played “Bananagrams”. (Any other fans out there?)

Oh yeah, and my grandpa beat me at chess.

He says this time I almost beat him. (Key words: THIS TIME. ALMOST.)

We had a blast and stayed up late and read new books and sledded down staircases and- and… lots of other stuff.

Then, more recently, 2010 became 2011. (What? You’d noticed?) I stayed up ’till 3:30 at a party, playing games like “Scribblish” and Ping-Pong (Which-I-can-now-do-at-my-house-woot!) and Foosball. (Congrats for beating me, Jake and Hannah. Though I’m sure I would have beat you if we played a fourth match…)

Now I’ll stop flapping my digital lips and go read. A lot.

P.S. My family went bell ringing! It was so cool, there was a lady inside the Cub store we were at giving samples of Hot Cider, and she gave us extra. :D (Thank-You, Cub Sample Lady!!!) Me and my dad played hand drums while two of my brothers and my mom rang a bell. (No, not at the same time. They took turns.)

And anybody in the Twin Cities MN area that wants to come get beat at Ping-Pong, drop me a comment! I’d love to meet some of my readers!


5 thoughts on “Uh, yeah, Everything :: Happy Christmas! (Merry New Year?)

  1. Pancake balls look awesome. I’ve never seen one for sale. They have something similar in the night markets in Taiwan… except they put a little cube of octopus in the middle and cover them with mayo and dried fish flakes!

  2. It sounds like someone wrote this on caffeine. >.> haha
    Lovely Christmas =]… i-pod? I still haven’t bought one. =D Before I go rattling off a list of all my favorites, (much longer than I’m sure you’d care to see) I’ll just ask first, what kind of music are you into?
    Hey, let me know if you make it to another world through that desk. ;D

    1. Sounds like I wrote this on caffeine? You should here me host a conversation. :D Well, I’m kind of all over the map: Superchick, Switchfoot, Tenth Ave. North, OneRepublic, Jason Mraz, Switchfoot again… Actually, I heard that the desk was carved out of pine, a tree originally owned by a “Digory” someone. Heard of him? I sat down at my desk the other day and

  3. Cross-pollination = the effects on the mind (and hopefully soul) of reading three or more books at a time. Look into it!

    Music Recommendations: Band of Horses, Vampire Weekend… or try some Taizé songs.

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