World’s greatest movie: Elf.

Will Ferrell is hilarious. It’s just a fact of life.  My younger brothers have literally put it in four times this morning. They never seem to tire of it. Even when it isn’t snowing. And today, it is SNOWING! Today, I walked out to get the mail and stepped up onto my mail box. No joke. I had to reach down to get the mail. My backyard has a snow drift that is 12 feet tall. And I live on a bible-school campus, so that means that they shovel all the snow off the driveway into our yard. :D

Anyways, the point of this post isn’t to brag about how much snow we’re getting. (Though I did manage to work that in, didn’t I?) It is to direct you to another blog.


My friend Rachel Martin writes about her life, homeschooling, and Maple Syrup. Her post on Elf got me to take the movie out again. Click the link above and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Elf

  1. ….and this does not have to do with “the point” of your post either, but I just thought that was so cool you actually had to step on your mail box. =p

  2. BWAHA! I love Elf!!! :D

    Ok, *deep breath* now that I have THAT over with, I’ve just gotta add that I’m Rikell Amari from Shelfari and I found the link from your Shelfari page ^-^

    Just to clear that up so that you don’t think I’m more of a stalker than I actually am XD Anyway, awesome WordPress… I’ll be sure to visit!!! :D

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