Brrrringggg!!! :: Get up and Walk, Ye Lazybones

I read this during my devotions this morning.

Proverbs 6:6

“Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones! Learn from their ways and become wise!”

And it prompted me to think about

1.Aesops Fables. Silly, silly grasshopper.

2. Words used in new Bibles. Lazybones? That’s like Jesus walking up to the lame man and saying “Yo. Couch potato. Get up and walk, my brotha’.” Well, not really. But you get my drift.


This had my head going “Beep beep beep! Wake up Seth! Ring ring!” This was even more prominent in the next couple verses. (Read Prov. 6:6-11 if you want some back story) The Irony of the situation caught me off guard. I mean, I was sitting in a chair sipping Chai Latte reading the words “Get up, you lazybones!” I felt like I should out running laps around my house while reading out of my Bible.

But seriously, God calls us to be active. To get up out of this sleep-like slurred, bland existence we’ve been living in and be like Christ to others. We are called to be active, like the ants that I found in my Grandpa’s cooler. (They were truckin’!!!) We need to be gettin’ the good stuff out of Bibles and sharing it with others!


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