Cats in the Cradle :: Ooo Ooo!

Some times, as is unfortunately common in Christian music, the lyrics are blatantly Christian. It isn’t a song, it’s a CHRISTIAN song. Don’t get me wrong, I love modern day worship music. But what I like even better is a song that I love, and then, upon listening closer to the lyrics, I think, “Oh, this is about God!”

Take the song “Cat’s in the cradle” At the first listening, it sounds like a nonsense song about nursery rhymes. But if you look at it more, you realize that it’s about a dad who never has time for his son. He’s gone for long periods of time, and this shapes his son’s future decisions.

Now, this isn’t a Christian song, but it has a well hidden underlying message. It makes people think. It doesn’t just shout “My dad didn’t spend time with me, and it shaped my life!!!”

My brother Levi thinks  that all he has to do is think up a tune, and then use the words “Jesus, Father, Emmanuel” and he’s got a song. And sometimes, that’s what Christian musicians do. That’s why I love it when “You Found Me” by the Fray comes on at the gas station. It makes me want to dance around yelling! But I don’t. I just let it sink into all the other gas station goers and let them figure out it’s meaning all on their own.

One more thing before I leave. Recently, I’ve been trying to teach my youngest brother, Ezra, to Sing.

He can sure pick pockets, but he has trouble singing words. All I can get him to do so far in the musically category is the “Ooo Ooo” on the chorus of Jesus Freaks DC talk.


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