Slurp Hot Soup

Yesterday, I was sipping on my mom’s Tortilla Soup. It was mighty fine, and when she first gave it to me, I couldn’t wait for it to cool. So like any soup-hungry boy of half-my age (what can I say? I’m young at heart!) I picked it up and took a slug. Then, I smiled contentedly, smoke spilling from my nostrils and tears streaming down my face.

The point is, yes, it was hot. Yes, I burnt my tongue and couldn’t taste the bars we had for dessert. And no, I never regretted it. The soup burned, but I knew it was good. So I slurped it down, felt the burn, and enjoyed every second of it. Sometimes, we have an opportunity to do something that might burn and sting. But it is good. And we will only enjoy it more if we dive in. Or, concerning my soupy analogy, take a slurp.


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