Belly-Dancing and Cookies :: I Have Some Questions

(For those of you who read my Dad’s Blog, , you may have
realized that my title has a little “Josh” flavor. For those of you who
don’t… go read it. Right now.)

Here’s the situation. My younger brother Isaac, A.K.A. Ike, just turned ten.
(Welcome to the Double digits my broth’a!)

As a tradition, for the past several years, 0ur grandparents

have taken us out for B-day Supper. In this picture, we had the food at the
house. Joshee was alright with that, as shown in Exhibit A. * face-palm* We
were eating Mexican, and Joshua likes Mexican, A’right? Our Grandparents
usually take us out to get Ethnic food (we’ve done Indian, Ethiopian, Afghani
you name it) , but Joshee isn’t a very adventurous eater… So we had Mexican.
But it was good Mexican.

Anyways, a couple days ago, when my Grandparents asked where Isaac wanted to
eat, I coughed and said behind my hand
So Ike agreed to Afghan food.

So we went to the restaurant and had some good Goat/chicken/some kind of meat,
and the owner of the place eventually figured out that it was Isaac’s Birthday.
Yes, we did get free dessert. It was named Firnee, and it’s ingredients were,
yet again, un-named. But it tasted good.

And then, he invited us to come and see a belly-dancer at his restaurant. And that begs the question: Do we go? Because this is probably going to be the only chance Isaac will ever get to meet a real, live, slightly creepy belly-dancer.

Or we can hide in our relatively safe home and wait until he shows up with a full group of dancers. I know, not much of a choice, but at least it’s something. So,  Do we go, or barricade the door?

Secondly, (and this is kind of out of the blue, but bare with me,) when my mom does all my younger brother’s math in cookies, (When I have 5 cookies, and YOU eat 1 cookie, how many cookies are left?) does that mean that I’m good at making cookies? Or does it mean, more likely, that he just has a bottomless pit inside of him?

P.S. I got a great quote from an elderly gentleman the other day, Eno Hass of Grace Free Lutheran Church in ND. “I’m a great leader. It’s just the followers that I have trouble with.” :D


One thought on “Belly-Dancing and Cookies :: I Have Some Questions

  1. Considering what I’ve seen of belly dancers… I say ‘stay away.’
    It may be good exercise, but it’s rather innapropriate… *sighs*
    Hahha, love the quote – and I don’t know about your cookies, but they SOUND delicious!

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