Today’s school assignment

Children of the Flame

Men and women dressed in black, tall and short, thin and fat, jump and fling themselves across the wall.

Spinning, grinning, frowning, dancing, twixt’ the flailing golden ropes they fly.

They are Shadows, Children of the Flame.

Golden children, sing in crackly voices, emitting high pitched whistles.

Screaming in happy glee, they jump and run and play, their footsteps black and sooty.

One child, by name of Spark, falls off his resting place upon a flint, into a pile of kindling.

Finding piles of pine and paper he begins to eat, and soon his siblings join him.

Flame doth come and before long they’re all a happy roaring blaze, eating and growing and chuckling all along.

Their friend Wind comes and tickles them, and then they tussle to and fro, wrestling with a massive gust of air.

Soon, though, their friend Wind still lingering, haunches of beef and ham are placed above them, tempting them with smell of meat.

Their hungry mouths open, and one hundred hungry tongues lick the sides of meat, singing hair and skin.

The meat turns and soon the skin, under enormous pressure, splits and spills its precious cargo.

Juices fall onto the Flames, now delirious with excitement, who lap up the meal, screeching with merriment.

But soon the meat is taken away. The fire smolders, wanting again the meal that it once enjoyed, the sizzling juices and splendid meats.

But soon, after much show of spite, the Flames tire out, and bed themselves among the dust.

Its children the shadows soon follow suit, until nothing is left but the Ashes.


2 thoughts on “Today’s school assignment

  1. Wow, Seth!! You are such a great writer. Your blog is the only one I follow and I LOVE it every time I get a notification that you’ve written another entry! Keep ’em comin’!! :-)

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