Stand in the Rain

Hey Guys! I’m back! Life has been PACKED recently, if you were wondering about my extreme lack of postage.

I said last time that I wouldn’t post unless I had something important to say, so don’t expect me to be back to my old schedule.

Laugh in the Rain

Tonight I had an unbelievably good time. Everything just fit. I laid down outside watched lightning streak the sky above me. Two seconds later there was a huge boom and the ground shuddered. Everyone was getting into our van and we were getting ready to go on a drive, but I stayed out a little bit longer, and just caught the lightning bolt.

When I finally got in the car, it started raining. Like, seconds after I closed the door. My mom got into the car and started it up as the power went out in our house. Then we drove a little ways and unloaded a whole bunch of kids, until it was just me, three O’ my younger bro’s, and my ma. (Yes, that is a small group for me.) And that was when my mom decided to go to DQ. (Dairy Queen, for those unlearned few)

We ate in the rain, and when we got home, my dad was there with candles all over the house. We put a log in the fire, and me and Isaac got on swim trunks and soaped our hair. Then, we ran out the door into the rain. We stayed out in the dark in the rain for an hour, running around the house. When we came inside, I wrapped in a towel and sat in front of the fire, feeling the drops dry on my back. When the lights came back on, we literally turned them all back off, just because the moment was so great. :D

P.S. I’m Moving! My dad is going into Seminary (Pastor School), so were moving onto the campus. I’ll try to post pics soon!


2 thoughts on “Stand in the Rain

    YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED! I dreamed about lightning last night – really weird!
    And I ‘moved ‘ – my blog! It’s now just so you know!
    ~ Mirriam

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