The Red Pyramid (and an announcement)

This will be my last post for a little while. I don’t plan on posting again until I have something SUBSTANTIAL to say, such as The sky is falling! or, My house fell into a bottomless pit! or, Where’s my left sock? (… forget that last one.) I realize that recently, I’ve been pushing myself too hard to blog when I don’t feel much of a need to. So I won’t for awhile.

This will be the last book review for awhile, and is VERY worthy of it’s position.

This book blew me away, as if it were a continuation of Lightning Thief. Carter and Sadie are brother and sister who were split up at age six. They are never really around each other, and for good reason. When meeting for a allotted amount of time with there busy father, something is triggered in them: an ancient magic so powerful that gods begin to hunt them. Throughout the days to come, they must conquer an evil entity, turn into birds, play basketball with baboons, and survive each other!

Altogether, Rick Riordan has done his job well. The book was well written, clean, and action packed. I loved it.


5 of 5 stars

anyone who can read


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