“The Magic Thief” by Sarah Prineas

The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas

This got me pumped like the Narnia Series got me pumped. Like Hunger games, or Harry Potter. It was that good.


Conn is a thief. He has been a thief his entire life, and has no reason to change. No reason, that is, until he accidently robs a wizard. As his already shaky world collapses, he tries to find an exit. He finds that exit in Nevery Flinglas, a creaky, aged old wizard with a heart for the boy.

Conn begins his training as a wizard, but first he must find his locus magicalicus, a stone that he uses to concentrate his magic. But he doesn’t have long: for some unknown reason, the magic is draining from the city. Conn must find his strangely elusive stone, and save the ever draining city, before it’s to late!


A great book from Mrs. Prineas, can’t wait for the next.

5 of 5 stars!!!

Anyone who can read, read it!


2 thoughts on ““The Magic Thief” by Sarah Prineas

  1. Are you on some sort of mailing list where you receive all these books, or are you juts buying them and reading them.

    I really enjoyed this post, because I specifically wanted to read this book. Would love to hear a little more about it.

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