Hilton Head

Woohoo! I had such an AWESOME… I say awesome to much, don’t I? Whatever. …AWESOME time in Hilton Head!!! We had a blast (not like “grenade blast”. More like “Nuke blast”.) like you would not believe. Here was our schedule:

1.Sleep in.

2.Wake up.

3. Eat breakfast

4.Swim and get burnt by the sun

5.repeat four multiple times

6.Read in sun and continue burning

7.Tan like you wouldn’t believe (‘Cept fer’ me. White and nerdy is my destiny. :D)

8.Eat lunch

9.Swim again

10.Either catch a lizard, eat ice-cream, or swim again

11.Eat dinner

12.Swim in Ocean and pool

13.Return to slumber

Yeah, there’s thirteen things. I’ll say it’s to honor Lemony Snicket and leave it at that. Nothing about this trip was unlucky.

The air smelled like… well, fish, but in a good way. And our room was awesome. It was a condo owned by a lady who designs condos. Crazy cool. (See, I didn’t use ‘Awesome!’ Awesome.) We ate fresh pineapple, swam in a HUGE pool, and soaked up the sun like sponges. We ate over the ocean, caught three lizards and multiple toads, and hung out with family. Which brings me to picture number one.

Iver. One of the worlds cutest children. (right up there with his sister, Esther, and my little brother Ezra. I, unfortunately, am to old. Too bad. :D) I hung out with him, and he sqealed and laughed and swam and did multiple other things with me. And he had these funny quirks. One of them would occur when he wanted to play. He all ways did some variation of “adj. the noun” The first time it was tag the tiger. The second, Kill the Dolphin. The latter ended pretty quickly.

The other one was when he’d “tell me a secret”. He’d come up by my ear and cup his hand over it and then yell whatever happened  to come to his mind. It was pretty funny to listen to until my ear began hurting.

Here are some pics of my view from the balcony where I was reading.

Sorry about the quality, they were taken from an Iphone. Now I’m done rambling. *phwoo*


2 thoughts on “Hilton Head

  1. Hey, I just got back from the swimming pool! Sounds like you had a blast! Glad you enjoyed your time – missed your posts!

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