Movie Central

Today I would simply like to recognize a few movies that I’ve seen recently.

First off, LOTR: Lord of the Rings

Awesome with awesome sauce! Gimley Marie and Pippin rocked my world! “And, err…Don’t tell the Elf!”

“Perrigrin Tooook!!!!”

Woohoo! I definitely recommend it.

Second: Alice in Wonderland

This… didn’t live up to my expectations. :( I had really hoped for better, but despite a few funny moments (mainly from The Mad Hatter and Red Queen) it just didn’t have enough… muchiness. :D The lead was not awesome, which Alice had to be, so I was sad. The Hatter was simply MARVELOUS, for which I am VERY greatful.

“Away with the bloody big head!”

P.S. Listening to the Alice soundtrack on my Laptop right now and LOVING it!!!


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