I know that I’ve posted about ad’s before, but this opportunity was just too good to pass up. And I would also just like to say: When I find an add that isn’t Cornball city, I am going to post it! ‘Cause almost all adds these days are!

My mom was drinking health juice the other day (Super Green flavor) and I saw this on the back.

“Looks weird.” sip

“Tastes amazing.” sip

“Woah, ten turbo-nutrients?” sip

“…still looks weird.” sip


That is awesome! Thank you juice bottle!


One thought on “Weird

  1. Eeerrm… Capture the Castle is definitely a girl’s book. Unless you like girl’s books – but I have a brother who doesn’t mind reading books about girls and I realyl don’t think he’d read I Capture the Castle =)

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