Literary Fast

Ohh, the pain. Oh, the sorrow. I am partaking in a literary fast. Shock and Horror! Self inflicted torture! I know, it is, but I must. For soon I shalt travel.

To Hilton Head! Woot! (Sorry mom. :D)

This place is like Heaven! I don’t have any good pics on my laptop, but I am telling you, It even smells like Heaven! It’s like 99.9% as good as a library! It is so close!

Anyways, the reason for the lack of literary lubrication (right? that works, right?) is this… I am taking a huge trip to get there! We are taking a plane for quite a while both ways, and it is torture to just sit and wait! So I do my waiting now. Reluctantly. With tantalizing books in reach. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Literary Fast

  1. If the problem is merely that you already read them, I have found that good books are rarely worse on the second reading… :P

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