A Question

For you Literary Geeks out there. And I mean that in the very best way. No kidding!

The question is: Do you mind being called a Geek? Cause I’m Totally Fine with my Geeky-ness. But I think it’s time for a new era. Not of Geeks. But something similar. I looked up the origin of the geek (… well, that says something, doesn’t it?) And apparently originated from Dutch geck, or crazy. Well, I’m crazy anyways, so that’s fine by me. Here is a quote I read that I think is just brilliant.

Julie Smith: “a bright young [person]… [who feels] so little kinship with his own planet that he routinely traveled to the ones invented by his favorite authors…”

This is slightly out of context, as she goes on to say that Geeks are socially inept, which I think is total baloney. I mean, I know that there is that select few who sit indoors all day and play there X-boxes and eat Cheetos all day. But really, Geek-hood is not just wearing the same suit and tie to gym class every day, (as some think,) but it is an obsession with words, with paper, with books.

Book-worm, geek, and nerd (Just wait until I get braces. *shiver*) are some of the greatest titles I’ve earned in my life, but they ain’t what I feel embodies this new group of readers. As I said earlier, a newer era is upon us. A new title for the word loving, paper doting, (75% of the time LOTR loving) generally bookish generation. We will be…

Inklings. Wait, you may say, that is the name of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and all those other genius Authors! And my answer to that would be: Precisely. We are the future of writing as we know it, and the mantle of literary skill has been passed on. And we must do our best to take it and do whatever is needed to upkeep it.

So, I ask you fellow Inklings, will we continue the legacy accordingly? With honor? I implore you to do so.

(On an ending note, those of you reading this and laughing at my geekiness… you just watch your backs. We Inklings are the future.)


8 thoughts on “A Question

  1. Amen!!!

    I consider myself a nerd and carry it with pride… Actually, I bet I could pound someone if I tried to play football (not that I would, I don’t like football) but that’s off target.

    I’ve wanted to be an Inkling for a while now. :D So… Where’s the nearest pub?? :D Just kidding. :D

    PS; I’m not only going to be bookish… I will be author (or it least writer) -ish! Go writing! :D

    PPS; too many smilies, sorry. :D

    PPPS; I bet you’re getting tired of me now and want to stop reading this comment. :D

  2. oh.
    THAT IS EXACTLY MY VIEW, TOO!!!!!!! *screams*
    Be afraid… be very afraid…
    =) WOOT for geeks!!

  3. Well said, fellow Inkling! I’m a HUGE nerd/geek/book-worm/crazy-kid-authoress and I love it!!! We are the future, so you “cool kids” better get used to it!! LOL :D


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