I was listening to the song “Again” by Flyleaf today and I actually got a meaning out of it. Normally I can hardly even get the lyrics straight from their Main Singer, Lacey Mosley. I don’t exactly Dislike there band, but I don’t Like it. Know what I mean? Any ways, I was thinking on the lyrics, and I realized that it had to do much with fire.

Seriously, thank God for Fire. Those of you who read (Read like “red”. Past tense.) my other blog know that I have made connections like this to fire before, but this is sufficiently different.

The lyrics go “Here you are, down on your knees again, trying to find air to breathe again.”  Smoke is rising all around you. You get down to find breathable air. Down on your knees. And isn’t that what we do when we bow in prayer? We are trying to find air to breathe. ‘Cause the smoke that every one else is breathing is killing them. They won’t last. They’re like a candle smothered by a cup. There is just enough air in the cup to burn for a tiny amount of time. And then it burns out.

With our face to the ground, we pray. We choose to have our face to the ground, instead of breathing the smoke, even when others look at us like we’re crazy. Because the smoke is poisoning them.

Pray. Bow.


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