A Fine Line

I feel sorry for people who give away there product free. It has got to be really hard. I’ve heard it said before that it is hard because you want the customer to want the item, but if you give away to much to them, they’ll question its worth. Such as the commercial I saw today. This is, more or less(…), how it went.

Look at our product! Here is what it can do! And right now since you are watching, We are going to give you a discount. Our product, which is worth 100$ is going to be sold for 20$! Crazy right? Also, we are going to give you our other product free! And double the offer! And throw in a massage! A nearly 200$ worth for only 20$!

It gets a little… dumb. I seriously question if I even NEED a pinky warming cap. Sorry commercial guy, you don’t have me hooked.

Also, I’m planning on doing a post about picture jokes soon. They will be provided by Moi.


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