Here, There be Dragons

Here, There be Dragons by James A. Owen

I wasn’t all that excited when I first got this, but it pulled me in pretty fast. The first chapter was mostly about John (not telling you his full name), who was an Oxford man. His tutor, Stellan, was murdered, and his last request was for John to go on a trip somewhere. When John was on his way there, he ran into a man named Bert (again, no full names) who met him up with two other Oxford men, Jack and Charles. He then proceeded to tell them the truth: Fantasy wasn’t Fantasy. It was all true. And a previously fictional character had sent terrible monsters to murder them. A howl was heard outside, and they rushed to the boat harbor. A giant ship awaited them. That was just the beginning.

This story was ingeniously crafted by Mr. Owen, and I can’t wait for the next book. Plus, it is one of the best book endings I’ve ever read. :D


5 star



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