Oh yeah! Animaniacs ROCK! XD I just watched there second video again and had to post this. But seriously, it feels like something I would like to be a part of making! You ever felt that way? Huh, this book is cool. I’d like to know the Author. Hm, this movie is really interesting. I wish I could act in it. Or meet the Actors.

That’s how I feel about this! I wish I could meet the people who do the voices of the Warner Brothers (And sister, Dot. Picture seen above.) and possibly do a voice for a different part of the plot! It would be such a blast!

The story is highly nonsensical, but the guy who rights the stories is a total GENIUS. He chooses hilarious lyrics for his songs, and writes  fantastic dialog for the characters. I was faced with a dilemma when choosing which song to leave you with, but this is my favorite, and so: Enjoy. And laugh REALLY hard. :D

P.S. Wakko, the one in the red hat, is like my long lost brother.


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