Winner of Narnia series Give away!

Don’t have much to say with this post. I am just going to tell you the Winner of the drawing…


You can leave me a comment which I will not post as to where/who I should send it to! Thank you guys for this competition, I’ve had a blast with it. I’ve come across so many awesome quotes that Clive said that I had never heard before, and it was great to see the ones I’d already seen before, to. Good memories. :D

See you next post! It should be about… Dragon Ships, Oxford, and Archepelago.


2 thoughts on “Winner of Narnia series Give away!

  1. Ahah, you read Imaginarium Chronicles, huh? I decided not to read them anymore, as did my Mom, due to all the gods/goddesses stuff. Sadly.
    But it was fun =)

  2. Ah, the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, eh? I’ve read the first two, but the cursing in them was disappointing. The first book was MUCH better by far… Looking forward to reading your post on it!

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