Can’t we Just be Friends? (No Funny Looks)

First of all, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, this isn’t a sappy romance post. *BLEAH*

Actually, this is the true thoughts of a picky choosy condiment eater. (Trying saying THAT five times fast)

Indeed, food again. But stay with me. I am about to question the very laws of condiments.


I know, I know, you thought it would be slightly more… amazing and mind bending, right? Sorry, but I find this extremely important. Have you ever mixed these two delicious flavors?

Here’s MY input. Mixing Ketchup and Mustard is WRONG. It is WAY wrong. My brothers do it around me every time we have hot dogs and it drives me crazy!!! It smells bad, tastes bad. looks bad, IS bad. I’m not saying that your a bad person if you mix ’em. I’m just saying, What Would Jesus Do? No, I’m… kidding.


6 thoughts on “Can’t we Just be Friends? (No Funny Looks)

  1. I just to say that I am not a picky person. I eat almost everything and don’t care, but in this case I have to agree. Mustard and Ketchup do not go together! Not at all!!!!! ^_^

  2. Hahahaha! This is awesome! Great minds think alike. I personally enjoy half-mixing (I suppose you could say “swirling”) my ketchup and mustard together. We will have corn dogs together sometime and I will show you. It doesn’t look or taste bad, and the separate tastes are preserved well. Mayo and mustard on the other hand are BEST when mixed. SO great.

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