Just Pizza… Or Is It?

I know that this is a area of high controversy, but all I’m going to say is… err… I’m right.

Solos Pizza. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the BEST pizza you can get. Anywhere. Quiet down, quiet down, I know that you all disagree with me! I’m just saying that you’re wrong!

Solos Pizza… tonight I will dream of you. To feel you in my mouth, taste your sweet artichokes, and hold you in my hands. I truly admire you. You are so much better than any other pizza, that there is really no comparison. You take the gold star. The blue ribbon. The… eh, cake? U R Gud!

(Just so you know, this probably won’t last very long. I’m sure that I’ll find some other kind of Pizza that I like tomorrow… *sniffle*)

Right. Now that that is out of my system; I just have to know, is anyone else a sucker for good pumpkin bread? ‘Cause I REALLY am. HUGE time. I can’t see it and not want it. The pumpkin bread I had just some minutes ago was so good that it inspired me to right a post about food. And now the post is done.




















Ha! Tricked ya! Okay, bye.


5 thoughts on “Just Pizza… Or Is It?

  1. LOL! I have an urge to do that sometimes…

    It usually amounts to nothing. :)

    I’m glad someone took the courage to write about food! lol.

  2. I LOVE pumpkin bread!!!! Yep, huge sucker…and have you ever had a homemade artisan dough on cornmeal pepperoni pizza baked in an oven at 550 degrees (F) on top of stones! DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus its really good…

  3. LOL my favorite pizza has always been from the small chain pizza place in my small town that I’ve lived in all my life. :D Yeah, I’m a small town/country girl. :)


  4. All I can say is that you are right, Solo’s pizza is so GOOD!!!!!! And pumpkin bread is the best. My mom makes the best pumpkin bead ever. -B ;-)

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