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I have a test for you. Have you ever had sore fingers at the end of the day from typing?

Do you read like a maniac?

Is coffee/tea one of your main food groups?

Change your schedule to scribble in a notebook?

Do you know what a Thesaurus even is?

Have you ever jumped off something that was more than fifteen feet tall?

If you said yes to at least three of the first four, than yes, you are a writer. The fifth one I was just curious about.

If you asked me, I’m a writer. I read like crazy, sip the latter brew, and write all the time. I’m writing this post because just recently, I’ve begun to read the Thesaurus. No, not check it for a better word, READ it. For fun. And it IS. (Fun, that is.)

And I am seriously enjoying myself. The thesaurus is written FOR writers. It’s not like you’re going to walk around around with it in your pocket just so you can say words like ‘indigenous’ and ‘vertiginous’. I’ve only done that, like, three times. And I almost always carry a thesaurus, but that’s beyond the point.

The Thesaurus has also helped me realize this: Webster = prodigious!!! (Than you, Thank you.) I wish I was his ward!!! If he was alive, I would be!!! His Thesaurus is SO awesome, and almost all of the words in there have me going “He used that!? *sigh* I wish he was alive… Holy cow, he used that word!? Man, I wish he was alive…”

Try it sometime! Even if you think I’m a total lunatic!


6 thoughts on “Thesaurus

  1. HAHA! Seth, that was HILARIOUS! And I totally agree. I LOVE reading the Thesaurus. Love it love it love it. ;)

    And yes, wouldn’t Webster have been an awesome person to hang out with? Haha, him with all his huge words – so awesome. ;)


  2. If you want to be his ward, you have to stand in line!! (The fact that he’s dead, of course, would put a damper on our relationship…) But yes. I am SO a writer. =) Congrats!

  3. I Seth it’s me Breanna, and I was wondering if you’re ever going to write a book that maybe I could illustrate it. If you remember from 4th through 5th grade my drawings were really popular, and I’ve improved alot! Anyway it’s just a thought. Bye!

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