Anyone else here like cards? ‘Cause I think they’re pretty awesome. I spent almost two hours playing cards last night, playing War and Speed. It took me almost two hours to build the house of cards shown above.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding! :D Honestly, I have never been able to make one layer stand on top of the other. It takes too much brain-power for my “little grey cells”, to quote a favorite detective of my Grandpa’s. I know this post is kind of random, but after playing cards with no end last night, I thought they deserved a post. Do you have a favorite card game? (and yes, making a card house counts!)


2 thoughts on “Cards

  1. Now that is a rockin’ house of cards! I can get mine to two layers, but only if I use the carpet as a foundation for the first. ;) I like Speed, and California Speed (aka Speed 2)….I definitely prefer the quick games to the counting games. :D

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