Don’t Judge a Book By Its… WAIT A SECOND!!!

This is a highly contradictory idea, and I hate to say  that half of you reading this will (probably) disagree with me. Here goes.

I am asking you to… JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. Ahhh!!! Oh no!!!! What is this world coming to! Now hold on a second, listen to me. I am not telling you that you should LIVE by this.  At all. But I am willing to say that fifty percent of GOOD books that I’ve read (or more) have a decent cover. Here’s how I think about it: If the Author sincerely wants you to read his book, he/she will put a good cover on it. He/She will take the time to find a good artist who can do his/her job well, and if he/she picks a cool one that you really like, you may relate to him/her in some ways. Do you see what I mean? Now again, I’m not saying that all good art leads to a good story, it just happens often.


8 thoughts on “Don’t Judge a Book By Its… WAIT A SECOND!!!

  1. Totally agree with you Seth- I ALWAYS judge a book by its cover. It’s just the logical thing to do. If the novel has a dumb cover, I wards me away. But an engaging, enthralling one? I’m hooked!

  2. I agree. I’d usually pick up a book for a few reasons:

    a) it was recommended to me

    b) the cover looks interested

    c) I’ve heard about it.

    If the cover is ugly/bland/throw-up-in-my-mouth, then I probably wouldn’t pick it up, unless I wanted to pity the poor author who got stuck with that monstrosity.


  3. I agree. I will normally not read a book if the cover is boring or ugly. But, some books with nice covers are awful books and some books with awful covers are the best books. So it can go either way.


  4. Definitely a good post :P I don’t always judge a book by its cover. Usually I look at who the author is, (the cover usually attracts me first though) and then I look at the price. Sometimes you find a really good book for under $4 and the cover it terribly done but the writing is amazing. :)


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