“The Divide” by Elizabeth Kay

The Divide: Elizabeth Kay

It was alright. I read it for four hours straight because I was on a car trip, and I didn’t get sick of it and stop reading. But other than that, not all that extraordinary. There were things I agreed with here and there, and I will most likely be seeking out the other books. Here’s my summary of the story.


Felix is sick. His heart is doomed to fail if he can’t get his medicine, but that doesn’t seem likely to happen. Until the Divide. Well he is on a vacation at the Great Divide, Felix begins to feel ill. But he powers it on until he stands with a foot on either side of the Divide. Then he passes out.

Minutes later, he awakens in a new world. A world filled with wondrous creatures that he has only heard of in fairy tales. But this is no Fairy tail. He has three days before he runs out of medicine, and that would ultimately lead to his death. He sets out on a quest with a Brazzle and a tangle-child to save his own life.


Interesting, but not the best. You’d do well to find better.


3.8 star



3 thoughts on ““The Divide” by Elizabeth Kay

  1. I’m sorry, did you say ‘dislike’ Farid!?
    And Hannah’s right – the cover art IS Yech on Divid. “You people have NO imagination!”

  2. I’m curious – what’s the worst rating you’ll give?

    Re: My Blog – you’ll likely know better than I how to follow it from Word Press.

    Keep reading. Keep writing. Keep looking to Jesus!

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