Alice in Wonderland::Through the Looking Glass

I just finished reading this a minute ago, and got on here to post right away. This book was sensational! I read it all day long, and only stopped to eat this really good chicken-and-something-else ravioli. (Thank you, Gramma. Thank you, thank you, thank you.) Now, as for the book. I am not at all surprised that it is a classic. I really appreciate the way it is written. See, the story is all about little Alice Liddle, (excuse the pun,) who falls asleep, and has the queerest dream. In this dream, she encounters a mad hatter, a rabbit, and a grinning cat. A living deck of cards, a never-ending tea party, and a magic drink. At the ending of the dream, she wakes up to find the reason for the strange things in her dream, and happily goes of to dinner. What I so enjoy about the telling of the story is this: Carroll captures the ideas of a little girl so completely! Now, I suppose that I am not the best one to judge this, (Hello, I live in a house with four male siblings,) but it seems to me that he orchestrates her thoughts so perfectly! Let me give you an example. As this is a dream, she is very often thinking to herself. Say she happens to think of a certain French conquerer, a mouse may wander by and just happen to begin reciting a speech about said conquerer. See? All throughout his story he does this, and it just makes me shiver. As for the second book, Alice has another dream. This time, she Wonderland is not the Wonderland she remembers. It is a whole new land, consisting of multiple living chess pieces, a sheep that loves to knit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, (I won’t even try to explain them…) and a bunch of poems about fish. This book is filled with references to Wonderland, and it was really fun for me to find them as I went on.  The only thing that I had against these books was that, being accounts of a child’s dreams, they are extremely nonsensical. For instance, Alice may be in a shop one instant, then in a boat the next. Someone may be a Queen one instant, and a knitting sheep the next. Over-all, these absolutely deserve to be read.


4.3 stars



One thought on “Alice in Wonderland::Through the Looking Glass

  1. Hahah! “Twas brillig, and the slythy toves did gire and gimble in the waythe…” (don’t know if I spelled ‘waythe’ right – oh well.) I can’t wait to see the new movie! Next week my brother and I are going.

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