H.I.V.E.: The Higher Institute of Villainous Education

H.I.V.E. A school teaching and promoting villainous activity. I don’t know how Mark has done it, but he got me hooked. The stories contained within the pages of these books have captivated me, telling of a boy named Otto who is pulled unwillingly out of his secure home and placed into a school of treacherous villains. This is the story of his rebellion against the officials of the school, and his friendships with the students. The only  thing I have against the whole shpeel is that the characters swear every so often. It is not excessive, but it is existent.


4.7 star

Ages 10+


4 thoughts on “H.I.V.E.: The Higher Institute of Villainous Education

  1. Must try that!! Sounds GREAT!!
    I’d think that Tuck Everlasting is more of a girl’s book, but that’s just my opinion ^_^
    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you commenting on every post!! Makes my day =)

  2. Hahah, I guess that coming from a homeschooler, it would look a tad… ‘undigestible’ ^_^ But you never know ;) Feragho, by the way, I was told was the name of the blue-eyed villain. I love him. He’s such a great one ^_^

  3. I Seth! I was wondering were you got this book, the second and fourth book(if there is a fourth.) in the series of Leven Thumps, and the Erec Rex books. Please let me know soon I am leaving for Montana on Friday, and I would like a good book to read on the way.

  4. Hi Seth, Iam at my Grandma’s house and having a great time! I found the Leven Thumps books, and am enjoying them throughly. But I would like to know where you got the Erec Rex series and the H.I.V.E series as well. Thanks!!! ;-)

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