Leven Thumps Book 1:The Gateway to Foo

Hoo-hoo. My first book review. This better be good. Well, it is.

Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo. First off, aren’t these great names!? The author: Obert Skye. (Score) Main Character: Leven Thumps. (Also Score) Book name:The Gateway to Foo.(ditto) Even from the names, I can already tell this is good. But it gets better. The book is about a boy whose mother dies giving birth. (Not original, but there aren’t many options.) The doctors care for him well they try to find a relative. Eventually, a snotty old aunt turns up that feels obligated to do something. She and her husband take him to there trailer home. He lives a neglected life. And then his life takes a whole new turn. I completely refuse to to tell you what happens. I have gone far enough already. :D I will only go on to tell you that at various times in the book, the author introduces nits, offings, and sycophants. There is magic involved, in no bad way though, and the only thing I would warn against is that the characters depend greatly on fate. ‘Fate will save us,’ ‘Trust in Fate,’ ‘Fate will provide,’ type of stuff. Other than that, the book is great. The artist did MAGIC with the cover, (Even though he makes the MC look slightly…fat) and the book features art every 15 pages or so.


4 stars (Yes, three point five. Don’t judge me.)

Ages 8+ (It is good for basically anyone who can read- and understand a basic plot.)






4 thoughts on “Leven Thumps Book 1:The Gateway to Foo

  1. Sounds interesting…

    OH! Did you finish Catching Fire? I’m bringing the Hunger Games on Sunday and I’m HUNGRY for the next one. Ravenous. wait, no. RAVENOUS. That’s better…;-)


  2. Hi, Seth it’s been a while since I have commented, but I really like your new blog! I am going to look up the books you suggested, and I have already read the Do Hard Things book in bible class at school. :)

  3. Cool! You read those too? I actually picked them up at a walmart. The plot is good, though it is my oppinion that the authors voice is all over the place. But they still became favorites. I’m just waiting to get the last one… have to know what happens when Leven and his talking toothpick actually make it back to the… oh wait! That’s a spoiler! Better stop myself right there! Anway, interesting blog. I wish I could follow you through blogger, but I don’t think blogger lets me follow wordpress on my account. Your in my faves though. :)

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